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Area Maps

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Interactive MapQuest Map

Other Maps

Note: It won't be easy to print a big map from your browser. You will probably want to save it and open it in a graphics program that you can control. For example, Paint Shop Pro lets you fit the graphic to the page when you print. There are probably similar (and cheaper) programs out there that will let you do the same thing.

sample resize boxIf you notice that the map loads large and then seems to resize to fit your browser, that is a function of later versions of Explorer. You can hover your mouse pointer over the lower right segment of the picture to activate a resizing box (see example left) that will enlarge the picture when you click on it.

Motorcyle & ATV Trail Maps:
Cattail Trail (107 KB in JPG Format)
Sterling Trail (62 KB in JPG Format)
Clear Lake - Clayton Trail (105 KB in JPG Format)

Other Maps:
Recreation Map Viewer
Polk County Interactive GIS Map
Link to Hard Copies of Maps
Snowmobile Trail Map (805 KB in JPG Format)
Large Polk County Map (1571 KB in JPG Format)
Alternate Large Polk County Map (740 KB in JPG Format)
Polk County Map (263 KB in PNG Format) -- same map as above
Small Polk County Map (228 KB - GIF Format) -- different map than above
Gandy Dancer Trail (115 KB in GIF Format)
Stower Seven Lakes State Trail (1 MB in PDF Format)
Interstate Park Trails (70 KB in GIF Format)
Balsam Branch Cross-Country Ski Trails (79 KB in GIF Format)
Coon Lake Trail and Trade River Trail (25 KB in GIF Format)

Ice Age Trail Map Buffet at the Dept. of Natural Resources

If you have other local maps which could be included here, please contact the webmaster at Polk County Tourism. 

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